Northwest Machinery Supply Co. LLC is located in Newberg, Oregon. We are located in the heart of the Western United States with next day parts and service to many of the lumber mills in the Forest Products Industry.

Check out some of our past projects!

Starfire Lumber Co.

Planermill Equipment

Western Wood Treating

Breakdown and Stacking line for Incisor

Blanca Forestry Products

New Lug Loader, Rebuild Newnes Trimmer, Rebuild Convey Packaging line

Thunderbolt Wood Treaters

Drill Line Breakdown hoist and Stacker Rebuild

Mendocino Forest Products

One Foot Trimmer Saw Motors

Columbia Vista Corp

Bin Sorter Cables and Components

Idaho Forest Products

Adjustable Minus Saw

Multiple Companies

Bulk Ink, Ink Rolls and Pads

Belco Forest Products

Paint Dryer and Transfer Line

Douglas County Forest Products

Lumber End Waxing

Interfor Pacific

Two End Waxers

Redbuilt LLC (Weyerhaeuser)

End Branding

Lesley Forest Products

Hoistless Stacker

Shasta Green Lumber Co

Trimmer Line Supply and Install

Ochoco Lumber in Russia

Trimmer Air lift Conversion

DR Johnson Lumber Co.

Trimmer Hold Down Shoes, Turning Chains, & Sorter Infeed

Columbia Cedar Co.

End Waxer

Stimson Timber Co.

Three Stud Printers

Mason County Forest Products

Lengthen Trimmers in Sawmill and Planermill

Britt Lumber Co.

Trimmer Re-Build

Hampton Lumber Mills

Trimmer hold down shoes, Air lift trimmer brackets

Thunderbolt Wood Treaters

Treat line Breakdown hoist and Stacker Rebuild

Empire Lumber Co.

Trimmer Hold Down Shoes

Mt. Taylor Lumber Co.

Salem Trimmer Re-build

Belco Forest Products

Planer Trim Line

United Pacific Forest Products

Planer Infeed & Trimmer System

Modern Lumber Technologies - Russia

Scaffold Plank Embosser

Slingshot Sports

Resaw Merry-Go-Round

Salem Hardwoods

Two End Waxers

Gilbert Forest Products

Two End Waxers